Training Classes

    Training courses will be offered at CPA-TV.  Studio, Field, and Post Production are covered in these classes taught by skilled instructors.
    Contact the CPA-TV General Manager at (434) 970-3055 for more information or to enroll.

  Studio Production (3 class course)

      $75.00 Fee (City and Non-City residents)

      Learn to use studio cameras, microphones, recorders, and all other equipment needed to successfully create a television program.
      Upon successful completion, you become a CPA-TV Certified Producer, allowing access to use our studio in making your own shows for
      airing on CPA-TV.  No previous television experience required.


  Field Production (2 class course)

      $75.00 (Must have CPA-TV certification to enroll. Call for details.)
      Learn to operate a digital video camera, sound equipment and portable lighting kit to gather footage for your show.  Participants will be
      given hands-on instruction with these essential pieces of production equipment and will be required to gather their own footage off-site.
      Subsequent post-production training may also be taken by the participant.


  Post Production (2 class course)

      $75.00 (Must have CPA-TV certification to enroll. Call for details.)
      Learn to edit footage on a digital non-linear editing system.  Using Mac computers, participants will be provided hands-on instruction of
      Adobe Premiere and Apple Compressor to complete their productions.  Participants will be able to create DVDs of their shows and will be
      shown how to create MP4 files for uploading to streaming video sites like YouTube and Vimeo.


      Please note that classes and workshops are subject to change or cancellation due to low enrollment.  If you have any further questions,
      please feel free to contact CPA-TV General Manager, Cal Tate, at (434) 970-3055 or click "Contact" from the navigation bar at the top
      of this page.